Implement evidence-based training process.


We put a mobile phone into a boat with the rowers so that the data about the boat speed would be available. At the same time there is a boat moving parallel to the rower with coach in who shoots video of the training process with GoPro camera. Automatically mobile phone sends data to the cloud system. The system processes the data and allocates the boat speed real-time graph right on the video. At the same time coach can check boat speed and rowing stroke and see correlation between them. Also system displays additional information about distance, times, strokes needed to evaluate crew technique and performance.

The boat speed can be calculated and seen online or saved and viewed later on.

Main challenges

  • Calculation of the dynamic boat speed.
  • Data gathering and processing.


  • Track real-time data using only camera and mobile phone.
  • Online data transfer to the tablet.
  • Real-time visualization.

Competitive advantages

  • Usage of casual devices instead of large and expensive equipment.
  • Real-time info online.

PROJECT Information

Customer: Belarusian Rowing Federation
Sport: Rowing
Dedication: Video analysis software
Time: Three months
Team: Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Architect, Web Developer, iOS Developer
Platforms: Web, iOS