Create application for remote training and performing in the cycling.


The athletes involved in the project used bikes equipped with major cycling add-on gadgets of various types and producers (Garmin, Quarq, SRM, Pioneer, etc.): universal power meters (including tensometric power gauges), cadence meters, speedometers and kit-attached on-board computers.

An athlete puts the outcomes of the training into the system and a coach prepares the training program based on the analysis of these results (e.g. additional exercises to develop strength or endurance).

Besides, the coach can correct riding by transferring to the athlete the recommendations based on the analysis (e.g. speed up or down at approach to a kicker).

Main challenge

Collect, process and visualise the data gathered from power meters, cadence meters, portable lab lactate gauges in order to prepare efficient training plans.


  • Implement many tools for analysing performance and training outcomes.
  • Sending and analyzing measuring device data.
  • Processing and graph visualization of the gadget data.
  • Storage and analysis of training outcomes.
  • Distant online communication tool for coaching.

Competitive advantage

In the cycling sport the coach cannot permanently be next to the athlete during a race competition or training. Nevertheless, being distanced from the athlete, the coach receives information about the athlete`s health condition and can correct riding.

PROJECT Information

Customer: Belarusian Cycling Federation
Sport: Cycling
Dedication: Sports coaching software, performance management tool
Time: Four months
Team: Project Manager, Business Analyst, System Architect, Web Developer
Platform: Web